Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Letter 2016

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
Well actually, just over in Tacoma, WA, but over 20 years ago, David attended seminary. For those three years, another Christian Pastor also attended. They became friends and we got to know the family a little bit. His wife spoke at one of our women's events.
Years passed and while the other Pastor had moved his family back to Bangalore, India, where they started a Bible school and seminary, we stayed in our home town and served at the church we grew up in. Their only son returned to the US when he was 17 to attend a Christian college, we reconnected with them and our church became one of their supporters. Meanwhile, their son, Jesse, finished his bachelors and continued in the US while pursuing a Doctorate. We enjoyed having the Divakar family in our lives and always wanted to spend more time with them when they came to visit. WELL! Long story short, Jesse (25) married our daughter, Sarah (21), on Sept. 10 of this year.

So, we have more family and are very happy! They live in Georgia now and we are very thankful for FaceTime etc.

Andrew (23) is on the home stretch of his Master's degree! He has been away this last year finishing seminary in Wisconsin. He will graduate in May of 2017 and we hope to attend the ceremony. It is very special to us that he is following in his father's footsteps and have joked too, that he should try to keep in touch with his seminary buddies. ;) But, in all seriousness, he is following God's call in his life and that is the greatest blessing of all.

Margaret (20) will receive her bachelor's of music from Thomas Edison University in the next few weeks! She has worked very hard and deserves her 4.0. She has a piano studio in our home and loves not only teaching, but the students too. It is fun to hear her delight at their accomplishments. She also does a lot at church, taking over Sarah's deaconess responsibilities, accompanying the choir, and finding music that we can sing as a family.

Rebekah (18) graduated from our home education high school in June. She is helping me with school, taking college classes, and filling in, in many other areas. She really enjoys writing and has made some wonderful friends that share her love. She is driving and helps at her grandma's houses often too. It is very handy having another driver in the house.

Maxwell (16) has completed most of his high school courses and has added college level courses. There are many prerequisite courses and tests that we have learned you can take for a very small fee compared to enrolling in college. Some of these are called CLEP, DSST, and Aleks. The other four kids have gone this route, for the basics, saving a lot of time and money and we are pretty savvy about it now. These courses transfer to many colleges, Thomas Edison University, for one. So, that is what he will probably do. Then, he works at Olson's Gaskets one day a week to cover these expenses.

David Clayton (14) is in the 9th grade. His highlight of the year was probably going with David, Sarah, and I to Macon, GA in August. The purpose of the trip was to see where Jesse lived, celebrate our 25th wedding Anniversary and take David somewhere on a plane. He enjoys playing football in our field with Max and the cousins, as well as helping with projects. We have torn out more carpet upstairs, painted 2 rooms, and renovated the upstairs bathroom.

Tabitha (13) had her special birthday party this year, inviting people that she is particularly close to and looks up to. They didn't fail her, and we had a wonderful time listening to godly advise, opening gifts and eating. She had to take over Sarah's cleaning jobs at the grandma's houses, but seems to be thankful for the opportunity to earn some cash. Her academics are going well. When she observed David working on his research paper about germs and the people that discovered them, she asked if she could do a research paper. I about fell off my chair! Or I don't remember. Must have blacked out. Anyway, that was a first! So, she is researching the life of J. R. R. Tolkien and it was cool for her to learn that he became a Christian on the date of her birthday!

Marta (11) was surprised this year with...a cat...! I may have been imbalanced mid September when I convinced David we should get one for the basement. Sarah had just left home and I saw this kitty, and well, now we have one. His name is Mouser, so you get the idea. Marta takes care of him and just loves, loves, LOVES Mouser! She is also doing great with school, has become a regular bookworm, and loves us all.

William (9) was misnamed. Calvin would have been more appropriate. He is very happy and active and excels in math. After he finished reading The Great Escapes, I found quite a length of fabric strips tied together in a rope. Along with the cousins, he has become extremely interested in birds. This turned into quite a study. He wrote the Audubon society asking for free materials and perhaps- binoculars?? It was a great day when a package came with about 6 bird books to add to their library and even a slight hope of binoculars if some are donated.

Samuel (7) also enjoys the Cousin County Bird Society. He is progressing in reading, has very nice hand writing, and loves fish. And Penguins. In fact, a few days after the kitty arrived, we picked up a fish tank and the boys have really enjoyed this addition. They even help clean it and blood worm Tuesday and brine shrimp Friday are very exciting. Don't ask.

Highlights of the year:
-Maxwell, Sarah, and I visiting Andrew in Wisconsin. I fell and broke my arm there, not a highlight, but Jesse saved the weekend by driving us all around.
-Margaret and Sarah visiting a dear friend in Ohio for a week. And visiting Jesse too. ;)

-Rebekah having a senior recital with her good friend Kathryn and graduating from high school in June. Four down, six to go. :)
-David and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary this summer. We enjoyed the party that our children put on for us and a trip to Macon, GA, with Sarah and David Clayton to see Jesse's home and church.
-Jesse and Sarah's courtship, engagement and marriage.
-Having Jesse and his parents come in May for the engagement in Cannon Beach, Or. and then again in September for the wedding.
-The wedding, of course!
-David and I met Andrew in NC for a conference in October.
-Ministry at MCC continues and keeps us busy.

We are very thankful for this past year and God's mercies.

Merry Christmas to you all. Remember, we are here and we love you. Please, contact us for prayer anytime and may you find Jesus to be your ALL this coming year.
David and Carol Eddy

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