Thursday, November 7, 2013

Essential Oils- why they work

Oils: let's get technical
Essential Oils are NOT "snake oils."
There are real reasons as to why they work.
Here are the components of the oils that form the vast majority of their make- up. ( more than 99%)
Mono terpenoids hydrocarbons : citrus peels and needle trees have high proportions of this. Monoterpene hydrocarbons have pronounced antiviral effects and have a drying effect on the skin.  Needles oils are known for their decongestant effects in the respiratory tract.
Monoterpene Alcohols: these have strong antimicrobial effects. The oils in which these alcohols are dominate can be used liberally and have a great value for staying healthy and preventing disease.
Phenol: thymol and carvacrol are forceful antibacterial. 
Ester: monoterpenoid ester compounds are relaxing to the central nervousness system. Eaters relax, balance, loosen tension, and are spasmolytic. Clary Sage, lavender, Ylang  Ylang.
Ketones:pronounced mucolytic effects, especially in the respiratory and uro-genital tracts and on the skin.they promote skin regeneration, but not to be used in pregnancy.
Aldehydes: strong anti- viral effects, but are also sedative and anti- inflammative.
Cineole: anti- viral and expectorant properties.
Sequiterpene hydrocarbons: powerful anti inflammative agents.
Sequiterpene alcohols and sequiterpene keytones: 
Interactions between receptors sites and sequiterpenoids.
Sequiterpene lactones: the most powerful mucolytics within medical aromatherapy.
Phenylpropaniods: methyl chavicol- a strong affinity to those system that we don't have to think about- breathing, digesting etc.
Eugenol and cinnamic aldehyde: very powerful agents that are highly antiseptic and rebalance digestive flora.

Basically, all of the properties are arranged and rearranged in varying amounts in the different plant oils like looking through a kaleidoscope. The ones with more ester are going to be the ones that promote relaxation. Oils high in monoterpene hydrocarbons are going to be great go to oils for killing viruses. These are your citrus peel oils.
Oils with a similar synergy smell alike and have similar pharmacological effects.