Tuesday, November 18, 2014

God's Wondrous Ways

       Today, something very significant happened to me. I feel so blessed and unworthy to be able to share His goodness and faithfulness in my life.
When I was a young unmarried lady, I went about things fairly willy-nilly. I took church for granted and I took God for granted. I married the love of my life at barely nineteen years old, even though I had no real idea of love at all. It is only by God's grace that I learned a deeper meaning of love and David and I grew up together during that time. 
Flash back to exactly 22 years ago today. I was in the hospital holding a dead baby boy. David and I had been married just over a year. It was a hard painful time, but it was a time of major spiritual growth. We prayed that we would conceive again and we did a couple months later.
Enter Andrew. I knew that when Andrew made his appearance at 10 pounds and 6 ounces, that God was in the business of doing things big. Then, tonight, exactly 22 years after our first painful introduction to parenthood, Andrew was voted in as a student intern here at Manchester Community Church for while he is in seminary. This way he will get some experience in the pastorate. He has felt called to be a church planter for over ten years, and it is precious to see another step fall into place tonight, and that God would choose to have it happen on what I consider to be a very special day to me is just His abundance evident in my life once again.
I praise God for His goodness in calling Andrew into the ministry. It is hard. Hard. But it is full of truly amazing blessing as well, and I pray blessing on you, Andrew, and what God has for you. Follow Him.

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