Sunday, November 23, 2014

Blah, Blah Blog Post

The Blah, Blah Blog post
Blogs are just that: Blogs

Blogs are often being passed around FB and other social media these days. There is a lot of interesting reading to be had in many of them. And I certainly am not saying to stop sharing!Some are for building a business, others are trying to I change the world or our culture, while others are just an online journal.

I do worry a little that the generation that grows up having a ton of exposure to blogs is going to really struggle with confusion rather than gaining clarity about how best to live. I think it's important to read them as you would a magazine article. For the most part, an article in a magazine (do I need to explain what a magazine is? Lol) is something you read at the doctor's office because you forgot to bring a book, or rather your iPhone is Low on juice. You flip through looking for something that might interest you, maybe start reading it and then, sure enough, the nurse calls your name. Then you either throw the magazine down because the article was no good, or maybe you bring it with you because it was actually interesting. 

There is a huge difference between magazine articles and blogs,though, as you can also read through peoples comments in a blog where you will then be exposed to lots of falsehood - even foul language! Many of the comments are based on taking a point way beyond what the writer ever meant, misunderstanding it completely, or completely missing the point of the article as a whole. It brings a whole new level to what may fill our minds.

My blog, if certain sentences and statements were put under the microscope while others were skimmed over, would offend anyone who reads it. None of my posts were ever meant to be taken for anything more than "here is my experience". 

If you think about it, we all have very limited experience- even in this internet era. For instance,  a person who has moved around a lot is limited to knowing about a lot of different places and people, whereas, the person who still lives in the town they grew up in, has an understanding of community that can't be understood by the person with a broader experience of people and places. Both experiences are good. Both experiences are different. 

As a pastor's wife I have a different church experience than a non- pastor's wife. Both are important. If there weren't non- pastor's wives in the congregation then there would be something terribly wrong. Yet, I do have a different worship experience, service experience, friendship experience, family life experience and so on than a congregation member does. 

So, as you take time to read my blog and others, please, remember that it was written by a human who is working only with what they alone know to be true and that their experiences will change or deepen over the years. As a Christian, I do have God's truth in the form of His Word but as a mere human, I may not communicate it well or correctly to others. I pray that as my relationship with the Lord grows and deepens, I do change. My hope and prayer is to be like Him.

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