Sunday, January 26, 2014


Recently, I was down with a stomach virus. It is very rare for me to get sick, but after cleaning up after the younger kids stomach virus for three days, it's no wonder. One of the things I noticed upon recovery was how some of the kids use their different nursing skills. I heard Rebekah using a firm voice in her approach to try to get David Clayton to eat something.  And when she brought me coffee, I don't know, some how it sounded as though I had no choice but to drink it.
Tabitha, on the other hand, quietly suggested that if I had some yogurt, my headache would get better because that it what worked for her. Then she just sat quietly with me for awhile and suggested the yogurt again. Then, a little while later, she said, in her softest voice, "So, should I get that for you?"
She was right, too. The yogurt helped my headache lift enough to consider getting up and facing life again.
Meanwhile, downstairs, Rebekah and others with a more sergeant air, are keeping up with laundry, dishes, and so on. I sure am thankful for all my children and family. Hubby does a great job juggling everything too, as this came down on the weekend- which with him being the preacher- means it is not a weekend.


  1. Yeah, that's me alright: "with a sergeant air" :) lol. :P

  2. It's always a blessing when you are sick to know that things are not at a stand still downstairs. :-)