Sunday, March 17, 2013


Spring is in the air
(Also known as: Tut Tut, it looks like rain)
It really does look as though winter is over. The crocuses are up and daffodils are about to bloom. I love this time of year. The really hard core days of home schooling are winding down. The learning hasn't stopped! It just changes to more outdoor possibilities. The noise, in other words, gets sent outside, and the noise makers love it. 
Our older children have decided to start jogging in the early morning and it seems to have really sparked more energy in general. Of course, all the younger kids wanted cool jogging pants too, and thankfully I got several for only $3 each! I had to convince them, though, that it will work better for the youngers to jog around the house. Otherwise, every car driving by will wonder what we are all running from! 
Easter is fast approaching. This is the time of year when I go through everybody's clothes and make sure that everyone has a complete, nice outfit for church. So, at least on Easter morning, no one is wearing brown shoes with a black suit, or ripped up tights with their pretty Easter dress. 
We are all gearing up for the Easter cantata. Rebekah and I sing soprano, Margaret is alto, Andrew is bass and Max just started and is in the tenor section. Sarah is playing the harp in the orchestra. The younger kids are doing something with the children's choir and, of course, David will be preaching. Thoguh, he will miss one cantata performance because of a wedding rehearsal. 

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